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Foal and Mother - Fine Art Print

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Foal and Mother - Fine Art Print

Springtime on Dartmoor and a subject which is quintessentially Dartmoor.
Wild ponies have said to have lived on Dartmoor since the Middle Ages and this young foal was exploring the southern tip of the moor near Ivybridge with her mother when I found them.
With ponies, I like to find a comfortable rock and sit for as long as it takes for the ponies to become comfortable with me. Before long they usually get very close and in fact the young ones can be extremely curious, often getting too close to focus the camera! I always respect that they are wild animals and never attempt to touch or feed them although I must say it is very tempting.
I made a series of images of this foal, each image aiming to show the proximity of her mother and just as with human portrait photography focusing on the eye and separating the background with shallow depth of field.

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Fine Art Print (Fuji Crystal Archive Paper stock and Archival Quality Inks giving guaranteed life of 30 years)
Canvas Print wraps on 20mm MDF Board ready for hanging.