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Dartmoor Dynamite Chilli Sauce

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Dartmoor Dynamite Chilli Sauce, 100ml

EXTREME   - 22% NAGA chillies

Our most popular hot chilli sauce. There are hotter sauces on the market but not many are able to combine taste with heat, we are proud that this one achieves both. No nasty extract and over 20% Naga chillies, this sauce has attitude. The chilli is quicker to kick in than the Beast of Dartmoor and although still tasty we have seen many men with tears in their eyes after tasting this sauce. 


It is a pure sauce with no chilli extract. What you are getting is over 20% Naga chillies which will give a good kick but a better flavour. 3 different types of Naga used include Bhut Jolokia, Naga Jolokia PC1 & Dorset Naga.  
Ideally suitable as a cooking sauce  where a small amount goes a long, long way and will leave a lingering increasing heat well after you have swallowed.