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Dartmoor Chilli Hot Fire Naga and Lime Chilli Sauce

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Dartmoor Chilli Hot Fire Chilli and Lime Chilli Sauce, 150ml


Full of lime zest and juice this sauce has a very good kick. Like the sweet chilli sauce it is undeniably full of tomatoes but with a real zing from the limes. One of our most popular and versatile sauces. Great as a dip for nachos and doritas or as a cooking sauce to add a decent kick to any dish.   
The chilli we use is the Naga Jolokia pc1 (not to be confused with the Ghost chilli). Naga Jolokia pc1 is a very prolific Indian chilli with a heat rating of around 150,000 scoville units.
No artificial ingredients.
Ingredients : 
Tomatoes (tomato juice), Red Peppers, Apples, Onions, Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Naga Jolokia pc1 chillies 4%, Limes 2%, Mustard Seeds, Citric Acid