Jon Stubbington

Jon Stubington Illustrator Gifts from Dartmoor

Jon is an artist, illustrator, and writer, living and working on the edge of Dartmoor.

His artwork is inspired by the landscapes of Devon, from the deep reds of the Devon earth to the lush greens of a moorland forest. Setting out to capture the scenes and scenery that surround me, he began by picking some of his favourite Devon locations, ranging from the moor to the sea.

Each piece begins with a detailed drawing that is then scanned, with the final composition and colouring completed digitally. Combining bold areas of colour with intricately drawn details, he is seeking to capture the Devon landscape in a new and exciting way.

He is passionate about doing business in the right way, so all of his prints are produced locally on recycled material and come packaged with biodegradable sleeves. Protecting the environment that inspires him is an important part of how he wants to run his business.

Jon became a fulltime artist and illustrator in 2016, producing and selling his own artwork, as well as offering freelance illustration services and private commissions. Being lucky enough to live and work on the edge of Dartmoor offers him a wealth of inspiring subjects to choose from whenever he sit down to begin a new piece.

And if he is ever stuck for an idea, or wondering what subject to tackle next, all he needs do is pull on boots. After all, he has often walked through the landscapes he captures in his artwork.