HK White

Helen White

My focus is on the landscape and I am inspired by the vast variety of geological character of our country. Craggy limestone escarpments, granite tors, millstone grit outcrops and glacial cut valleys are just a few examples of the dramatic features that shape our countryside.

My interest in the countryside and its geography has inspired me to find a way to share my love of the natural environment through my art.   The images for the mugs are created by linocuts taken from my sketches of prominent features and familiar landscapes.
I then transfer my mug sketches to a piece of lino which I cut into a relief print surface using a scalpel. Taking the first print is always an exciting moment. The sharp scalpel cuts add a clarity to the lines of the image – simplifying and decluttering it. Lines, texture and patterns emerge. Colour is added by screen printing as a ceramic transfer to create mood and shape. The results create a rather retro feel to the images reflecting a genre of past ceramic design. 

Our fine bone china mugs are made in Stoke, where my artwork is also placed in the hands of talented ceramic printers. We then fix and fire the ceramic transfers as glazes to the mug and tankard surfaces. This includes a layer of hardiness to the finish so that a mug will continue to provide memories through many years to come.

Art for everyday

I think of the clean ivory surface of the fine bone china mugs and tankards as a blank canvas for my artwork. I love the thought that I am creating something that is to be used; something very tangible, to be held and enjoyed. I can make individual, thoughtful artwork available to more people through a medium that is very much central to the ‘everyday”. Picking up a mug for a daily tea or coffee break, with an image from a past holiday, adventure or challenge seems a very successful way to achieve this.

Dartmoor Mug and gift bag, HK White, Fine Bone China 11 fl oz