Grant Wallace Art

About Grant

Grant Wallace Art original watercolours and oil paintings Gifts from Dartmoor Devon

I have always been keen on art. For as long as I can remember, I would notice interesting pictures and wish to know who created them. I have always had an aptitude for drawing and then painting. When I was young, I would take particular pleasure in drawing fine details such as the items on someone's belt.

Later, as I began to paint more, I began to appreciate the marks made by a brush.

I have never been one for sticking to a single style or subject, preferring to come up with fresh ideas for each piece. I do, however, like to be original and find new angles - a Dartmoor scene of mountain bikers or a landscape with ponies grazing.

I cycle and walk on Dartmoor, so will naturally choose to draw and paint Dartmoor scenes. Of course, I do many other things and will happily do portraits.