Devon Sent Jewellery

Devon Sent Jewellery hand made keepsakes from Dartmoor Gifts from Dartmoor Devon

About Devon Sent Jewellery

Having spent a lot of her childhood visiting family in Devon, Amy formed a very strong emotional attachment to the beautiful Devon countryside and coastline from a young age. This eventually led to Amy and her husband moving to Devon with their two young boys.

She now spends much of her time wandering along our local beaches and on the moors, and Amy never grows tired of the beauty around her. From the amazing views beyond, to the wonderful nature beneath her feet. Tiny detail that is continually changing and often gets overlooked.

"This beauty inspired me to start Devon Sent Jewellery. I am Amy, and I design and encapsulate tiny pieces of Devon for people to wear and treasure as keepsakes of their wonderful memories of Devon, or simply to stare into as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I carefully handpick each tiny element that goes into every piece of jewellery I make from Dartmoor, the local woodlands and meadows or along the beautiful stretches of beach that envelopes the Teignmouth area. Every piece has been lovingly selected by me (or one of our boys who have a great eye for detail!) for its beauty, curiosity, or simply because it sparked something within me to preserve it in all its glory." Amy, Devon Sent Jewellery

Each piece of the jewellery is unique and the contents have been handpicked. Therefore there may be slight variations between each piece, however they will be very similar and this only adds to the charm of the jewellery.


The jewellery has been handcrafted for regular wear and tear and the glass globes are very sturdy, however jewellery should be kept dry and removed before having a bath or shower.

To help maintain the longevity of your jewellery, when not being worn please store it in its little wooden box out of direct sunlight.