Christine Pascoe

About Christine

I can’t remember a time since becoming an artist when I didn’t want to paint Dartmoor.  I have lived and worked on the Southern edge of the moor for the last 30 years finding her ever changing moods and seasonal delights inspirational.  Tumbling rivers, rugged and historic moorland, ancient woodlands and animal inhabitants are all subjects for my paintings.

Walking on the moor my mind is full of thoughts of ancient civilisations, I visualise the folk building their rudimentary stone shelters, caring for their animals and battling with the elements to provide for their families. I can almost smell the wood smoke and hear the children playing.  Sometimes I find the moorland’s granite monuments and magical woodlands to be deeply spiritual places, healing and meaningful.

Making art from these experiences tends to be more intuitive following a dreamlike flow and employing mixed media to create my compositions.

 Christine Pascoe Watercolour Artist Dartmoor landscapes and views Gifts from Dartmoor Devon

As a self taught painter, I tend to work in two very different styles, using watercolour to depict realistic subject matter on one hand and using mixed media to allow more freedom of expression on the other. 

More recently my realistic pieces have been for commissioned paintings, which include animal portraits, houses, gardens and specific places.   Otherwise I choose to work more experimentally and ‘en plein air’ whenever the opportunity arises, finding enormous enjoyment and fulfilment in both the process and experience.

I run a watercolour workshop locally and regularly work as a guest tutor for other Art groups. I believe enabling and encouraging others to pursue their art to be helpful on many levels; from learning new painting techniques to meeting people, relaxation and even learning that the occasional failure is okay!

I am excited to think that making Art is a journey that for me will never be complete!

Christine Pascoe